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[EP-tech] technical question: one archive with two domains

We use apache mod_substitute to enable use of two domain names for our repository, but it?s a low-traffic site. It?s very easy, but if you get a lot of traffic it?s probably not a good idea.
Also, be sure to read Brian Moon?s comment about ?AddOutputFilterByType INFLATE;SUBSTITUTE;DEFLATE text/html text/plain text/xml? on the documentation page https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/mod/mod_substitute.html

Having eprints use relative rather than absolute URLs would be a better solution. Please post to the list if you figure it out.

Dan Stieneke
IT Specialist
3793 N 3600 E
Kimberly, ID 83341

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Subject: [EP-tech] technical question: one archive with two domains

Hey there,
I have a problem with our running eprints archive:
It is necessary to access the same archive using two different
domains, so I configured two apache.conf include files with different
domains using the same 'PerlSetVar EPrints_ArchiveID'. This works fine
- both domains point to the same archive - but the html files
generated by eprints include hardlinks to the first domain. Is there
any option to make eprints using links to relative URLs? Or is there another way
to solve my problem?
It would be great if you had some suggestions.

Thank you very much,

Thorsten Buelo

University of Cologne
Institut f?r Informatik

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