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[EP-tech] HTTPS and Shib help

We messed with our IR server recently and now https and shibboleth won't
work symbiotically. We hired students to process item submissions from
faculty and staff; however, the shibboleth permissions for students doesn't
allow for inputting records into our IR. What we do to overwrite this is
create backdoor student user accounts apart from shibboleth so that they
can work with processing items into the IR.

The catch ever since we changed servers, eprints http autocorrects to the
shib login request.
In order to get to the https log in we have to copy the link address,
remove the home from
cgi/users/home and replace it with cgi/users/login. Once logged in, the
only page that
doesn't correct to http/shib is the "edit page phrases" and the static
pages. In order
to stay logged in through the backdoor, we again copy the link address from
"Manage Records",
for instance, paste it into the address bar, and add an "s" to end of the

Any ideas on how to fix this so that when we are logged in as a backdoor
user, we stay
logged in instead of being redirected to shibboleth via http? Hopefully
that makes sense and that comes from my limited experience with Eprints.

Caitlin Ryan
Library Specialist, Sr.
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