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[EP-tech] Sub types on fields

Hi Andrew,

for migration, you could add a new compound field with sub_name issn and
type, sub_name type be of type set, with options "print", "online", and

Then write a script that copies over the values of your print and online
issn fields to the new field and sets the type accordingly.

However, I share the concern of John. Academics or submitters (e.g.
institute secretaries) do not care whether an ISSN is ISSN (P), ISSN (E) or
ISSN (L) - this is something for librarians. It's merely used to identify a
journal if it may have an ambiguous name. The problem ist that the right
information is entered at the right place, at best using autocompletion
(see https://wiki.eprints.org/w/Autocompletion ).
I also like his idea of promoting a prefered value to the default field
(which is used for export).

For autocompletion of journal information, we use a sophisticated method: A
journal database (JDB) that is used during the submission process in the
publication repository (ZORA) for journal name lookups. It originally came
from the university's requirement to track the refereed status of journals.
The JDB itself is a separate EPrints repository.

A journal record contains
- all ISSN variants, if available
- title variants, including ISO-abbreviated titles
- refereed status
- rights and embargo information, either entered manuall or nightly updated
via Sherpa/RomEO API lookup
- link to a publisher record
- Source import information

Example: http://www.jdb.uzh.ch/14208/

During journal name lookup (which can be done using journal title,
abbreviated title or another title variant, or ISSN), the JDB ID and the
official title and publisher name are copied over to the ZORA record. The
issn field is set from the three ISSN fields in JDB in the priority L > P >
E. The JDB ID is further used in the upload stage to look up copyright
details and Sherpa/RoMEO conditions from the JDB. If we need to aggregate
records in ZORA via ISSN (e.g. for statistical reasons), we again look up
first the JDB ID and use it for searches in ZORA.

Best regards,


Dr. Martin Br?ndle
Zentrale Informatik
Universit?t Z?rich
Stampfenbachstr. 73
CH-8006 Z?rich

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I was going to suggest something similar - like the way the datesdatesdates
plugin works.
It chooses the *best* (most published) date to promote to the default field
- which works well with export plugins that reference the default 'date'

Do your academics know whether an ISSN is print or online? Do you trust
them to assert this accurately?

I'd possibly apply the logic:
If there's only one ISSN in your repeatable field, promote that to the
default ISSN field.
If there are two (or more), prefer one.

*But* really you should be thinking about exposing all this data to other
downstream systems (which would mean altering export plugins to output
multiple ISSNs?)


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You could have a Print ISSN field and an Online ISSN field, and then an
ISSN field which is virtual (or automatic) and selects an appropriate ISSN
from the two and returns it.  That way the user would have two explicitly
labelled fields, but the behavior of the issn field could be
programmatically controlled.


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      Subject: [EP-tech] Sub types on fields


      So, I?m trying to sort out an issue in our EPrints where we have two
      ISSN fields ? a Print ISSN and an Online ISSN. The problem with these
      is that neither of these fields are the ACTUAL ISSN which causes some
      issues on both output as well as making adding records clunky to
      ensure that academics put their ISSN in the correct field.

      What I?m looking at doing is adding a ?Type? dropdown to the Print
      ISSN definition that can toggle the ISSN to Print or Online, change
      the phrase on the Print ISSN field to just identify it as an ISSN
      (it?s already repeatable) and make sure that the ISSN field is
      included in the export. There are a few potential ?gotcha?s? with
      this that I?m concerned about.

            ?         Will doing this jeapordise the existing data in any
            ?         If I set the default to ?Print? will this default any
            pre-existing records to a Print type?
            ?         At the moment we?re looking at manually moving the
            Online ISSN?s over to the new field, however if there is an
            easy way to consolidate these two fields I?m all ears! J

      Thanks in advance!


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