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[EP-tech] Problem depositing larger documents via SWORD 2.0

Hi Willem,
I?ve had a quick look at the php code.
It?s base64 encoding the file, and adding it to the EPrintsXML it generates in a <document> element.

The encoding (and decoding at the other end) takes some time ? and is probably not the correct process for larger files.

This is the process that I think *should* be used in this scenario:
but I?m not sure if the EPrintsWrapper class can do this?

Others on this list have more SWORD experience than me ? hopefully someone will be able to provide a bit more advice.


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Subject: [EP-tech] Problem depositing larger documents via SWORD 2.0

Hi all,

I'm currently having problems depositing larger documents (> 5 MB) via SWORD 2.0. I'm using a PHP script that uses EPrintsWrapper.php. In this script the EPrints XML (including document) is posted via cURL.


The deposit takes a very long time (8 minutes for 26 MB) and the Apache process goes to a 100% processor capacity.

Has anyone experienced the same behaviour before? What can I do about it?

We use EPrints 3.3.13.

Thanks in advance!

Willem Struiksma
University of Groningen
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