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Re: [EP-tech] User rights

Just a note on how we handle this at Nottingham, in case it is of interest.


We have a very common scenario for this in that papers are typically submitted to eprints following acceptance but before the publication date is known.  We have a process therefore of the submitters needing to inform the curation team of the publication date at a later stage so that the metadata can be updated.


We’ve just started looking at ways to automate some of this “remind, inform, update” process a little bit although there are no plans to allow submitters to be able to edit the items themselves.




Digital Library Team



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I'm still trying to get my head around this so excuse me.


A depositor uploads a document to the eprints server, and fills in as much information as they know at the time, this is then sent to the library staff to OK and publish the eprint, but then the depositor gets some information regarding this work and needs to edit the record - but cannot as the library have published it.  


Is it possible for the user to edit the published eprint and then for it to be sent back to the library administrators to check and publish again ? 

Thanks in advanced..




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