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[EP-tech] Thesauri in EPrints

I did try converting the MESH (MEdical Subject Headings) ontology into an Eprints Subject tree, back when we started about five years ago.  I succeeded insofar as the script built a subject file that could be imported correctly in principle.  But it was so vast that the test server ground to a halt - I think there were 50000+ terms.  Also, the problem is that MESH is not really one ontology, but about twenty separate dimensions: Disease, Body Part, Geography, Study Population, etc etc.  I can probably dig out the script and/or the load file if anyone wants to have a play with it.  Probably only of interest to Medical Schools.


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Hello all,

Has anyone implemented a thesaurus in place of the standard subject tree in EPrints?

Has anyone tried to implement a thesaurus in place of the standard subject tree in EPrints and found it impossible because of some fundamental incompatibility?

I would be interested in hearing any experiences before planning work in this area!


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