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Re: [EP-tech] request copy error message

Hi Mick,
>From what I can see in the Recollect plugin (http://bazaar.eprints.org/367/) doesn't include the files you list below.
The paths to those files look like they're not the default ones that ship with EPrints - so there's some other reason they exist...

My hunch is that it's not dealing with an eprintid properly. Does it work when passing it a docid?


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Hi list

I'm getting this error in EPrints: 'Bad parameters. Do not try and access this script directly.'

I'm trying to set up 'request copy' on our research data repository (3.3.12 and using the recollect plugin)

Can anyone shed any light?

As far as I can see the relevant parts of this plugin are present and correct:


and in recollect_summary_page.xml:

<epc:set name='docs' expr='$item.documents()'>

	 <epc:if test="length($docs) = 0">

    		(<a href="{$config{http_cgiurl}}/request_doc?eprintid={eprintid}"><epc:phrase ref="request:button" /></a>)



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