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[EP-tech] Re: Question about full text search (Documents in Advanced Search page)

I'd check that you indexer is running, and that the task queue is processed.

I'd also check that the PDFs aren't restricted in some way (maybe see what something like pdftotext returns when run against one of the not-returned PDFs.

Also, as was mentioned in a different thread recently, check what the 'metadata visibility' flag for the EPrint is.

If none of that gets you anywhere, let us know and we'll put our collective thinking caps on!


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I've got some pdfs in the repository that include the phrase 'bohm' many
times but the Advanced Search page is only returning 4 out of probably
25+ eprints as hits on the phrase.  I'm using the Documents search box,
which I believe it the full-text search box.  Is there something I'm

Any help would be appreciated thanks,

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