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[EP-tech] Re: Traceability of record changes

Hi Martin

- No, there?s no existing script to do this.
- It?s been designed this was as a path of least resistance to meet some preservation issues with not storing the state of the object on change.  An XML dump to the filesystem each time the object is written to the database ticks a lot of boxes and was almost free because there was already an XML exporter.

Creating a ?by field? view of the history instead of a ?by commit? view is a simple matter of parsing the XML and rerendering it.  No rocket science, but XML parsing is computationally expensive, so performance may be slow for items with long and chequered histories.

I?m happy to advise if anyone wants to do the leg-work on this, as long as it?s released as a bazaar package at the end.  It might lead to a training video or two, too.


Adam Field
SHERPA services analyst developer

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and a happy and successful 2016!

If one wants to find all eprints for which a given field X has changed its value from A to B, this seems to be quite cumbersome, because the history table only stores the name of the fields that have been modified, but not their content, which is saved in the revisions XML files in the documents directory.

- Is there already a method or script that enables one to do so?
- Why has this been designed this way, and not the way that all changes (which field and which content) are tracked in the SQL database? Whether disk space is used up by the database or in the filesystem should not matter. Having the changes only in the database would facilitate searching a lot; in addition, rollbacks to a given point would be possible.

Best regards,


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