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[EP-tech] Atom.xsl Patch Submission

Hello everyone,

I have found the reason why the category id and subjects are not recognized
when depositing files in E-Prints using the Atom Publishing Protocol. The
XSLT stylesheet 'Atom.xsl' [0]  in the Import directory does not handle
those elements when converting Atom to EPrints XML.

Please find attached a version of the file which handles the dcterms:type
and dcterms:subject terms and translates them into E-Prints XML. The
dcterms vocabulry seems to be widely used in SWORD protocol implementations
(i.e. [1]).

Additionally, I corrected a line in the stylesheet which transforms a
submitted eprints status. The line checked for the status being equal to '
http://yomiko.ecs.soton.ac.uk:8080/data/eprint/status/'. It seems to me
that this is a concrete EPrints instance, so the line would not work for
any other EPrints instance. I changed the line to:
'contains(@scheme,'/eprint/status')'. This should work for all EPrints
instances, including my test server.

Please let me know if you will be including my patch into the repository.

Thank you,


[0] perl_lib/EPrints/Plugin/Import/XSLT/Atom.xsl
[1] http://guides.dataverse.org/en/latest/api/sword.html

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