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[EP-tech] DON’T PANIC Submissions are still open for the OR2016 Technical Track

 Open Repositories 2016 Technical Track: 13th - 16th June, Dublin

The developer track is a forum to present anything that is of interest to us, the repositories technical community.  If you think it’s worth saying, then we almost certainly will want to hear it.  It’s an opportunity to network, show what you do to your peers and learn from them.

Be part of the Developer Track in 3 easy steps:

  1. Decide what to talk about.

What’s your favourite language or framework?  What’s new with your repository?  How are you connecting systems?  How do you maintain and deploy your code?  What are the challenges of running an institutional repository using only a boot-lace and a 9-volt battery?  How do you fight for the users? What is your one weird trick that will restore our faith in humanity?

Take us behind the glossy presentation layer to the nuts and bolts.

  1. Submit a short abstract

As members of the technical community, we understand that you don’t get a lot of time to prepare things like conference submissions.  Spend a few minutes writing a paragraph or two outlining what you’ll do.  Think of a title (catchy or otherwise) and submit it via http://or2016.net/dev-track-and-ideas-challenge/

  1. Present for 20 minutes and answer a few questions

On the day, you’ll have 20 minutes to present in any way you like, though we discourage polished powerpoint presentations. Last year we had live bugfixing, build environments, command prompts, compile wait-times, technical failures (and panicked recoveries), yo-yo demonstrations and plenty of friendly audience participation.  We are relying on you to repeat this diversity of topic and presentation style and look forward to seeing your submissions.

If you will require any assistance, have any special requirements for your presentation, or have any questions, contact the co-chairs:

Adam Field and Claire Knowles

Developer Track Co-Chairs

Submission Deadline: Midnight GMT 7th March 2016.


Adam Field
SHERPA services analyst developer

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