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[EP-tech] problem migrating documents

> what is  the best way to migrate the documents.
hard to say, depends on many boundary conditions

> I only copied (rsync) the documents from one server to the next,
> imported the mysql database and started the upgrade with "epadmin upgrade reponame"
could work, if all paths for eprint stuff are exactly the same; 'upgrade' is an independent issue
Of course, the most easy way!

> How can i export all without documents?
export repoID  eprint XML <badID0..badIDn> will do that by default settings

> And how can import this
import repoID eprint XML --enable-file-imports --enable-import-fields updatedPipedExportFile
overwrites even existing entries ...

Check if a correction of bad entries is useful, otherwise start from scratch.
Testing on a sandbox is _no_ bad idea :)