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[EP-tech] Antwort: Server information request

We have a configuration that uses a Cisco load balancer, two web servers, a
master db and a slave db server.
The indexer runs on the master db server; cron jobs and backups on both db
The load balancer distributes requests according to their IP range to one
of the web servers. If the web server does not answer, it routes the query
to the other one.

The only thing we detected so far is that OAI2 does not like load balancing
if data is harvested in large amounts (we have one client who downloads the
whole repo every night) - records are suddenly left out  - observable, but
not reproducible. We did not yet find the reason for this behavior, but we
know that it is produced as load balancing is active.

In all other cases, everything is running fine and stable.

Best regards,


Dr. Martin Br?ndle
Zentrale Informatik
Universit?t Z?rich
Stampfenbachstr. 73
CH-8006 Z?rich

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Hi all,
Is anyone running their eprints installation in a load-sharing
configuration?  Have you had any issue around db tables / file share
locking or anything else that occurred that you hadn't expected?

Thanks in advance,

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