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[EP-tech] Community Contribution Day

As mentioned in my previous email, I'd like to organise a day on which the community can contribute to EPrints.  Typically, these days are run with the coders doing EPrints development, but I think that every member of the EPrints community has something to offer.

	* Perhaps you have some internal documentation that you could get up on the wiki
	* Do you understand an aspect of EPrints well enough to improve the documentation?
	* Are you a developer?  How about verifying pull requests or fixing issues?
	* Could you make a video walking us through how you do something in EPrints?
	* Are you really good at organising?  Can you make a list of jobs that could be done on the day and act as a dispatcher?
	* Can you help people get started -- there might be a lot of willingness, but contributors may need to be introduced to our systems (e.g. wiki accounts and best practices).
	* Could you take a look at existing wiki pages and classify pages as Good / Needs Improvement / Needs Removal?

These are just some ideas of what could get done on the day (and in the run-up).  On the day, we will coordinate online in some way (suggestions, anyone), and hopefully achieve the following:

	* Improve EPrints
	* Improve the Documentation
	* Strengthen the Community
	* Create a Model for Future Contribution Days

  Please have a look at your calendars for the last three weeks of November and mark your availability on this doodle:


Adam Field
Business Relationship Manager and Community Lead
EPrints Services
+44 (0)23 8059 8814