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[EP-tech] Re: a lot of warnings concerning uninitialized value

Hi Thomas

	Yes, it's probably be better as something like:

		utf8::decode( $row->[0] ) if defined $row->[0];

	Perhaps submit an issue on github?

Adam Field
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EPrints Services
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On 10 Nov 2015, at 09:38, Thomas Lauke wrote:

> Hi Adam,
>> Does the admin user have a name set?  That might be the issue.
> sure, that influences the warnings (specifying the required name results in 4 warnings less) ...
> but imho the initialization in /usr/share/eprints3/bin/../perl_lib/EPrints/MetaField/Id.pm should be implemented as well!?
> Then some more warnings for other executions would disappear also :-)
> Hand
> Thomas
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