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[EP-tech] Re: 2 IRStats Questions

Another thought:
Do ALL your authors have IDs?
Are the top authors the top authors that have a unique ID, whilst the top-paper-authors don?t have unique IDs?


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Hi Greg,
There is the possibility that your top authors have multiple items which have each only been downloaded a lower number of times, but the total of which may be greater than the number of downloads each of your top items has received.
Hope that makes sense?


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We installed IRStats on our EPrints 3.3.13 test server. The 5 Most Downloaded Items DO NOT correspond with the 5 Top Authors. See attached gif. The TOP 5  counts also vary greatly for both tables.

It is Friday, so maybe I am missing something obvious, but shouldn?t the most downloaded items and top authors be identical. Unless there is another definition for Top Authors??

Thanks! Have a good week-end!

Greg Whitney
Polytechnique Montr?al Library

PS ? Also, 16 834 downloads for our top PhD thesis seems to be a lot!! Given the rather precise subject of this document. Is there anyway of validating these crunched numbers??

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