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[EP-tech] Re: Antwort: Multilingual site

Martin, hi and thanks for your answer!

I have generated static, the html folder of my deposit has been 
populated with the correct html files (I've looked into their content), 
and when I select the Greek language through an href (on an image), as I 
said, it displays the "language has changed" page in Greek, but when I 
click on any link (menu, whatever) the content served is in English.

I have used Chrome, Firefox and Opera and it won't work in any of them.

I have to re-inform you that I installed the Greek translation (which is 
for a previous version of eprints, 3.0) without using any guide, which 
means that I just copied the folders contained in the zip file where it 
seemed appropriate (./lib/defaultcfg and ./lib/lang in the eprints 
folder, and cfg/lang/el in the specific archive). As I read in eprints' 
documentation regarding previous versions (<3), a few stuff needed to be 
done in order to install translations, that didn't seem "compatible" 
with my version. Maybe I am missing something here...

If not, then I am not sure what part of eprints' core functionality 
fails and doesn't load the language correctly or if the problem is 
related to the set_lang script.

Thanks again for your answer!

PS. I wasn't sure about the activity of this list, so a few hours ago 
(before receiving your answer) I started an analogous question in 

On 15/05/2015 11:03 ??, martin.braendle at id.uzh.ch wrote:
> Hi,
> two questions come to my mind:
> - did you run bin/generate_static  your_repo --prune    ?
> - which browser did you use to test? Safari sends a slightly different 
> Accept-Language token in the HTTP header, which is not properly 
> recognized by Repository.pm.
> A possible patch is:
> Modified: trunk/src/core/perl_lib/EPrints/Repository.pm
> ===================================================================
> --- trunk/src/core/perl_lib/EPrints/Repository.pm 2014-08-12 12:23:41 
> UTC (rev 857)
> +++ trunk/src/core/perl_lib/EPrints/Repository.pm 2014-09-10 13:00:28 
> UTC (rev 858)
> @@ -2264,6 +2264,8 @@
> foreach my $browser_lang ( split( /, */, $accept_language ) )
> {
> $browser_lang =~ s/;.*$//;
> + # UZH CHANGE ZORA-274 fix for Safari browser 2014/08/15/mb
> + $browser_lang =~ s/-.*$//;
> push @prefs, $browser_lang;
> }
> }
> Best regards,
> Martin
> --
> Dr. Martin Br?ndle
> Zentrale Informatik
> Universit?t Z?rich
> Winterthurerstr. 190
> CH-8057 Z?rich

George Mamalakis

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School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
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phone number : +30 (2310) 994379

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