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[EP-tech] "max_items" limit

I thought I would share something that we stumbled on recently: there is a max_items limit set somewhere EPrints (I'm not sure where?) that will result in the following error message for browse views that exceed it:

"The number of items (2001) for this view has exceeded system limits (2000). The system administrator either needs to increase "max_items" or apply additional filters to this view."

Google search of this error message reveals that are a few EPrints repositories that stumble on this limit in their browse views.

For us, it was the browse by doctype > theses, as we have more than 2000 theses.  We solved this issue by further sub-dividing by year the browse view that was attempting to display more than max_items:

		id=> "doctype", 
		 allow_null => 1,
         		hideempty => 1,
				allow_null => 1,
              				  hideempty => 1,
				fields => [ "date;res=year" ],
				reverse_order => 1,
                			allow_null => 1,
                			hideempty => 1,
				new_column_at => [10,10],