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[EP-tech] Re: Auto complete not working for authors

Hi Alen,

Thank you for your reply!  Don't worry I have a test instance for all this 

My MySQL version is 5.0.95 and I did do the databse upgrade after 
installing the new version.  After some bug fixing my instance is working 
fine (except for one or two missing phrases but I'll get to this soon 
enough).  I can deposit new documents, run searches, etc.  But that damn 
auto complete is working for the title but not for the authors.

I have checked the eprint_creators_name table and all the varchar columns 
have "latin1_swedish_ci" as Collation.  Does it have to be utf8?  From 
what I read utf-8 should work with latin1 collation...

Am I understanding this right?

Thanks for clearing that up!