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[EP-tech] EPrints developers wanted - great opportunity to work at the University of London

Hi all,

We are looking to recruit two talented developers to help build and support services for HE institutions in the UK and beyond.  A number of the services we provide are based on EPrints, which is why I am sharing the news here!

I've been part of the DART team for over 12 months and can sincerely say that it's a really interesting and exciting place to work, with lots of opportunities to develop with EPrints and other software platforms. Although the location is fantastic (central London, right next-door to the British Museum), remote working is an option so I split my days between commuting into London and working from home. I think this is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to broaden their skill set and experience working in a vibrant software services/support environment.

Further details are available at https://www.jobs.london.ac.uk/displayjob.aspx?jobid=75

I've copied the job description below:

The award winning Digital Archives and Research Technologies team, based at the University of London, has vacancies for two talented developers. We wish to maintain our excellent international reputation for providing enabling solutions to the HE and related sectors, whilst keeping pace with the changing digital, information and policy landscapes that effect our clients.

This could be the perfect opportunity for you if:

You are someone who enjoys solving problems for others, even before they are evident. 

You can bring the following skills, experience and knowledge to the team:

* Sound knowledge of Web technologies
* Experience in writing and a love of learning code
* Genuine enjoyment in providing customer service
* Ability to recognise, define and analyse complex processes
* Strong organisational skills
* Self-motivated working

At least two, but hopefully more, of the following points describe you:

* I am a LAMP developer (where the P can be one or all of Perl, PHP, Python)
* I understand version control principles
* I understand standards and interoperability
* I understand research data management
* I understand the academic publishing process and related policies
* I'm the person in my University Department, Library or Archive who knows how the IT stuff works and is keen to know more
* I can work remotely responsibly and effectively.



Timothy Miles-Board
Web & Repositories Development Specialist, University of London Computer Centre
020 7863 1342  |  07742 970 351  | timothy.miles-board@london.ac.uk | @drtjmb
The University of London is an exempt charity in England and Wales