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[EP-tech] Re: Item Type - magazines and newspapers

An item type can be loosely defined as a label (e.g. 'Article', 'Publication') and an associated set of metadata fields.  If there is nothing that meets your requirement for metadata, then you may need to create a new item type.

Creating training videos for the community is a current pet project of mine, and I prefer to respond to issues that people currently have.  'Create a New Item Type' would be a great video to do, so if you don't know how to create a new item type, please send me the metadata fields you think a magazine or newspaper should have, and I'll create a training video for you.

Adam Field
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On 17 Jun 2015, at 18:35, Edwin Gamez wrote:

> Hey guys, I have a question.
> In my repository I want to add full magazines and newspapers, but when I try to select the item type, not find one specifically for newspapers or magazines.
> what item I can assign these files? Or I have to create a new type of item?
> Thanks..!
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