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[EP-tech] Re: Versioning in EPrints 3

Dear all,


we were wondering if anyone else has come across this issue so far and/or has an idea for an elegant solution. We are still very interested to hear more about your experiences.


Thanks in advance,


Best wishes,



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Betreff: [EP-tech] Versioning in EPrints 3


Hi everyone,


we are looking for a way to interlink different versions of an item (“version thread / tree”) that are related to each other but not necessarily in a successor-predecessor relationship.  A common use case example is a (working) paper or a conference/workshop item that is revised and published later as a journal article. Yet using the metadata field ‘succeeds‘ is not appropriate in this case as both versions should be retained and not replaced; a ‘commentary’ by EPrint Object definition doesn’t seem to apply neither.


We had a look f.i. at the DataCite metadata schema (v3.1) where this is implemented with ‘relationType’ and controlled list values such as IsSupplementTo / Continues / IsVariantFormOf / IsOriginalFormOf etc. As an interim solution we were thinking of setting (external) links as ‘Related URLs’, however, there might be more clever ways to represent internal repository relations.


Maybe there is a way to take advantage of DataObj::EPrint's builtin *_thread (or get_all_related) methods?


Thanks in advance and sorry if it has been discussed (resolved?) so far, we were not able to find a proper solution in the list archive.


Greetings from Vienna,

Elena & Gertraud



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