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[EP-tech] Re: Eprints VS Dspace

Hi Edwin and Et Al,


DSpace, Digital Commons and Eprints are the best options
for Academic digital repositories.


DSpace have
the largest list of installations? but..


In the real
world Eprints manage the easiest way to install with less tech knowledge and a really
turnkey installation like yum install eprints or apt-get install eprints, etc..


One of the best
acid test is Google Scholar, they said ?Eprints version 3.0 or a later version
are well-structured for indexing - search engine robots are able to quickly
reach all articles by following links from the home page and individual article
pages embed bibliographic data in a machine-readable fashion for indexing? and DSpace
have had some issues regarding indexing? http://roar.eprints.org/help/google_scholar.html


By the
other hand the principal CRIS (RIS) systems have APIs or interfaces for interconnections
with Eprints and DSpace.


My two


Best regards


Jorge Ram?rez

Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2015 14:54:06 -0600
From: edwingamez19 at gmail.com
To: eprints-tech at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Subject: [EP-tech]  Eprints VS Dspace

Hello everyone.
I am currently implementing Eprints as a repository for digital collections. I have some time using eprints and have adjusted its structure and environment in general. But recently I asked me the question why use Eprints, instead of DSpace, has given me the task. I have not found anywhere that tells me a comparison which is better than the other, from my point of view both are equal.
The question is: What is the difference between Eprints and DSpace? Why some decide to use DSpace and other eprints. I want to know your answers on what type of repository is more convenient to use and what are the advantages of each.
Thanks to all.
PS: sorry, my Ingl?s sucks

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