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[EP-tech] Re: Change EPrint field type.


Did you manage to solve your indexing problem ?

I have the same problem with a keyword field. We want to be able to look 
for the whole value "RIZ PLUVIAL" for example; and not for RIZ and 
PLUVIAL belonging to two different keywords.

 From my understanding of the Wiki page 
the answer was in using text_index. But, it seems that it doesn't work 
this way : with text_index=>0, the keywords are no more searchable...

 From the same Wiki page 
it is also advised not to use the "id" type which is flagged as 

So what is the best way to get a field indexed as a whole and not by words ?

Thanks for your advices,

Le 09/12/2014 20:15, sf2 a ?crit :
> Hola Brian,
> You should be able to change it directly to "id" and run epadmin 
> update_database_structure - it will be the no-op since "text" and "id" 
> have the same db field definition. (in fact if you look at the source 
> code, you'll see that "text" is a special case of "id").
> Also.. in doubt, back up your DB before making the change.
> Seb
> On 09.12.2014 19:03, Brian D. Gregg wrote:
>> All,
>> We have an EPrint field that we intended to use to hold ORCIDs 
>> originally defined as ?type? => ?text? and we have done so and thus 
>> we have data in the fields already.
>> The problem is that an advanced search for an ORCID ID will return 
>> more than just the exact ORCID ID due to the fuzzy matching imposed 
>> on a ?text? field.  I was advised to change this to ?type? => ?id? to 
>> force the advanced search to use exact matching.
>> My question is how can I change this field to ?type? => ?id? 
>> including any database changes if they are needed (we are using 
>> MySQL)?  Obviously we edit the eprint_fields.pl file and change the 
>> definition, but what if anything else needs to be done on the 
>> database backend to accommodate this change?
>> Any help would be appreciated.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Brian.
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