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[EP-tech] EPrints 3.3.12 /Templates/Default.xml File


I am still playing around with our Eprints 3.3.12 [Schema 3.3.4] test
account & imported data from our previous version 3.1.1.

I would like to add back some options to our ep_tm_menu, which were in the
/templates/default.xml file.

This subdirectory & file weren?t created in our new archive location :
/data/eprints3/archives/Ecole/cfg/lang/en ,  nor in the Eprints default
location: /data/eprints3/lib/defaultcfg/lang/en.

There only are 2 subdirectories : phrases & static in both locations.

Has this file moved somewhere else with another name?? Or can I just copy
the 3.1.1 versions??


Greg Whitney

Section Head, Technical & Computer Services

Polytechnique Montr?al Library

2500, chemin de Polytechnique

Montr?al, QC

Canada H3T-1J4

514-340-5121 x4646

514-340-4026 (Fax)

greg.whitney at polymtl.ca <mailto:greg.whitney at polymtl.ca>


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