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[EP-tech] file restriction eprints 3.3.14

Hello everyone,
I just upgraded Eprints 3.3.11 on Ubuntu 12.04 to eprints 3.3.14 on 
Ubuntu 14.04. Everything is working but the file restriction. In fact, 
Eprints allow the public download of  attached documents to an  eprint 
publication even if it the documents are restricted. The template for 
rendering document correctly recognize the restriction.
I am wondering if there are some issue with Apache 2.4 and the 
restriction mechanism? Anyone experienced something similar?

Thanks! Leonardo

Leonardo Mezzina
Responsabile Ufficio infrastrutture,
servizi informatici e amministrazione digitale
IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca
Piazza San Ponziano, 6
55100 Lucca - Italy
Tel: +39 0583 4326 586
Fax: +39 0583 4326 565