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[EP-tech] Re: User Masquerade

There was this:
http://www.eprints.org/tech.php/thread-13844.html - and Tims reply sounds like there?s some code to help this functionality:

?So, with this change, aliasing is just a case of writing a custom
check_user_password that returns the alias instead of the normal

I?ve never implemented this ? so my knowledge runs out about here?


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Hi Dave,

This has never been possible as far as I know. Some components sometime allow to do "stuff on behalf of" other users, such as with the REF plug-in.

Such a feature would require low-level patching of EPrints::Repository->current_user (shouldn't be too hard to achieve though eg store a on_behalf_of cookie, have a validate method and a pin on the template to un-masquerade). This would be a sweet feature!


On 11.09.2014 16:08, David Kane wrote:
Hello All,

I was wondering whether the latest version of eprints allows administrators to masquerade as regular users.  I know this was possible a few years ago, but what is the practice now?  What works on the more recent versions of EPrints?

Thanks and best wishes,


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