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[EP-tech] Re: Login required to retrieve requested documents

The behaviour Jiadi describes is standard for EPrints 3.3.  It was the same in EPrints 3.2 except that the requester was emailed the document as an attachment rather than being provided a link.

Note that there is an active pull request (https://github.com/eprints/eprints/pull/262) that will change the behaviour of the approval process so that any contact author, registered or not, can approve the request.  This will be an optional and will not change default behaviour unless explicitly configured.


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Just to clarify the standard implementation of the eprints' request a copy feature.

When you submit a Request a Copy request, EPrints attempts to find a matching user account based on the contact email registered for the eprint. If a registered user is found (and the requested eprint has the document uploaded), the "Accept" and "Reject" is rendered in the email, so the requestee can simply follow these links to approve/reject requester's access to the document. Otherwise, the requestee will just receive a request email, which he needs to send the original document manually.

Once the requestee approves the request, a new email with the direct link to download the file is sent to the requester. This link contains a special cookie code that allows the requester to download the document directly, without login.

However, we have seen in some deployment (especially the single sign ons), the login redirects would simply ignore the special cookie code and send the requester to the login page anyway.

I hope these helps

On 10/09/2014 14:49, Ian Stuart wrote:
> On 10/09/14 14:31, Andrew Beeken wrote:
>> I?m not trying to be awkward here, just trying to understand this 
>> process as my colleagues here are disagreeing! So, when we or the 
>> academic receives a ?Request Copy? email there is a link in that 
>> email to say ?Approve this request? which then takes them to EPrints 
>> to confirm that they approve the request. The requester then receives 
>> an email with a link to download their document. If you?re saying 
>> that this can?t be done then isn?t the above a redundant feature?
> Nope - you're not being awkward..... I didn't know it did that (I 
> don't use it)
> The way it was explained to me was the sending of the document was up 
> to the depositor.

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