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[EP-tech] Re: google-analytics-integration-Eprints-3.2.9

I would add it to your template ? which should be in one of the locations shown here:

When you add it to the template, make sure it?s valid xhtml (balanced opening/closing tags).
Google Analytics wont? normally count document downloads. EPrints does keep track of these though ? so if you upgrade, and then install IRStats, you should have data from before the upgrade.


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Can anyone tell me where to put the Google analytics code in my Eprints installation?

I had tried installing irstats but no success, I am running Eprints 3.2.9 on an Ubuntu 9.10 server.
I get a message, cannot install logfile:eprints , don't know what it is. Even tried forcing install and still doesn't work.

Is it recommended I do an upgrade? Should I upgrade perl also?

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