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[EP-tech] Re: IRStats2 - Family names of creators not displaying with appropriate capital letters

I a reference to this: 

But I don't have much to look into this at the moment... It seems to be 
about an internal regex (to the module above) which fails to detect 
proper word boundaries.

graingert (on github) was suggesting using another perl module - perhaps 
worth giving that one a try?


On 23/05/14 18:16, Centro de Documentaci?n wrote:
> Seb,
> It works, but not always accurate. I have a problem with capital
> letters after accent marks in family and given names.
> Before applying the patch "lingua"
> Alvarez cema, Juan alberto
> After (Ok)
> Alvarez Cema, Juan Alberto
> Before applying the patch
> Gonz?lez carella, Mar?a in?s
> After (Wrong)
> Gonz?Lez Carella, Mar?A In?S
> Should be
> Gonz?lez Carella, Mar?a In?s
> Any suggestion?
> Regards,