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[EP-tech] Creating bazaar packages which contain .css files

Hi everyone,
very sorry, another eprints tutorial another question!
I'm completing the Style (CSS) and Eloquence (Languages) page for bazaar package development.
Unlike the screen based bazaar packages this one simply contains a .css file. The instructions are not specific on how to package this file.
The cfg file is copied over to cfg.d local directory, but I was wondering what happens to the .css file. The tutorial instructs us to
create it in the local directory:
and then "To package your theme simply remove the files you have created from the archive and package them in the same way you have in the earlier excises".
If I place it in the lib directory:
and then create and enable the package. The css is not copied to a local directory and then is no change in the interface.
Is this the correct thing to do, and as general question do bazaar package files other than the cfg get copied to the local subdirectories.
Many thanks again,

Simon Jennings.
Research Data Management Software Developer
Library & Archives Service
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine