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[EP-tech] Re: collections_Eprints

On 05/05/14 12:57, Ivana Sari? wrote:
> Please,
> can somebody give me explanation about Eprints:
> 1) Does the system allow to develop multiple collections?
What do you mean by "Collection"?
How does a "Collection" differ from a "Subject"?

You can have multiple subject-like classifications an a single 
repository - yes.

> 2) Does the system allow digital object to be a member of multiple
> collections?
Yes - in the same way a single record can be associated with multiple 

> 3) Allows multiple collections within same installation of the system?
Multiple subject-like classifications?
Yes - but the management of it would be a nightmare for your data-loggers

> 4) Does the system supports browsing of collections?
Yep, just like for subject.


Ian Stuart.
Developer: ORI, RJ-Broker, and OpenDepot.org
Bibliographics and Multimedia Service Delivery team,
The University of Edinburgh.


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