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[EP-tech] Release for Apache 2.4


I'm a newbie to eprints. I'd be grateful for your help.  

I want to put eprints on Unbuntu 14 which has Apache 2.4 and associated Perl libraries. I run a load of servers and they will all be moved to Ubuntu 14 over the next few months so I need to keep things as vanilla as possible and don't want to run old versions of libraries for different applications if I can avoid it.

I've tried the apt-get install of 3.3 and then applying the patches mentioned here:


But I just get "patch failed" notices.

I have two questions:

1) Is there or will there be in the very near future a stable build I can install using apt-get that supports the new Perl libraries?

2) Could somebody  provide step by step instructions for patching a 3.3 build in case I am doing something really dumb.

Many thanks,


p.s. I am currently at #rfringe14 so you if you are here you could explain it me face to face.

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