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[EP-tech] Re: Checkboxes

Thanks Seb,

That certainly works to set the default, but I?m still getting a value of
UNDEFINED in the options. Definitions are:

>From sprint_fields.pl

# ~ALLOWREQ - Adds an option to allow deposit to be marked if requests are
allowed or not. Defaults to YES. Data name is legacy.

        name => 'no_request',
        type => 'set',
        options => [
        input_rows => 1,

>From phrase file

<!-- ~ALLOWREQ Phrases for No Request dropdown -->
<epp:phrase id="eprint_fieldname_no_request">Allow Requests</epp:phrase>
<epp:phrase id="eprint_fieldhelp_no_request">If you do not wish users to
be able to request copies of this deposit, select "No" here. Please bear
in mind any open access requirements that may be associated with this
<epp:phrase id="eprint_fieldopt_no_request_yes">Yes</epp:phrase>
<epp:phrase id="eprint_fieldopt_no_request_no">No</epp:phrase>

>From eprint_fields_default.pl

$data->{no_request} = "yes?;

For background, the way we?re handling displaying the ?Request a copy?
link is as follows:

* If there is an email set on the deposit, use that.
* If not, use the default address in the system

This drop down will allow us to do a further check to say:

* If the drop down is set to YES then don?t display the link.

On 17/07/2014 16:32, "Sebastien Francois" <sf2 at ecs.soton.ac.uk> wrote:

>Hi Andrew,
>I do not know the name of your field, or its type, I'll assume
>"FIELDNAME" and that it's a boolean (so it takes values: TRUE, FALSE or
>$data->{FIELDNAME} = "FALSE"; # for "no"
>So when EPrints creates a new "eprint" object, it starts with the hash
>$data and populates it with default values. The line above adds such a
>default value. The object is then created in the DB.
>On 17/07/14 15:26, Andrew Beeken wrote:
>> Hi Seb,
>> What syntax do I use in the default.pl file - it?s not entirely clear
>> my end?
>> Andrew
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