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[EP-tech] Re: Browse view by document language.

Alan's suggestion is the way to go then and that's how they did it on 

It is possible to browse by X then by Y so you could do authors then 


On 17/07/14 17:16, Jacob Wenzel wrote:
> Okay so not so simple to do anyway.
> I guess Allan's suggestion is the way to try then.
> /"Is it that you want to only show the documents in Danish on your 
> "view"?"/
> Well, actually that is exactly what I don't want. I need to file 
> documents a videos from many different countries. But many of my 
> visitors (apart from the native English speakers of course) will be 
> able to use both English and entries in their native tongue.
> It can be a bit refusing though to see many different languages in the 
> same view though, so it would be a nice feature to be able to browse 
> by language and even better to for instance browse by author and then 
> sort by language.
> These guys have been able to figure out how to browse by document 
> language:
> http://orgprints.org/view/doclang/
> I guess they implemented the hack, I referred to earlier, which can be 
> found here:
> http://osdir.com/ml/web.eprints.devel/2003-03/msg00053.html
> Thanks for the feedback gentlemen.

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