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[EP-tech] Re: Coversheets Bazaar plugin problems

You?re too quick ;o)

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Subject: [EP-tech] Re: Coversheets Bazaar plugin problems

What about via Manage Records > Coversheet > ... ?


On 28/01/14 09:50, Thomas Haines wrote:
Hello all,

  I'm trying to get the coversheets plugin from the bazaar to work. It states that

Coversheets are ready to be used on your system. To add templates go to the Admin page, under 'Config Tools'.

  and we have openoffice installed, pdftk etc but there is nothing appearing under config tools, no options when e.g. uploading a new pdf.

Any suggestions on what to try, or at least what it should look like when it works?


Tom Haines
Electronic Information Resources Developer
Library Systems Team
Cardiff University

hainest at cf.ac.uk<mailto:hainest at cf.ac.uk>

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