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[EP-tech] Re: {Disarmed} how can I disable view / abstract rebuilding?

Thanks Seb ? ?Update? was the obvious word I didn?t find!
I might patch them to use config values in case it needs blocking again in the future.


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Subject: [EP-tech] Re: {Disarmed} how can I disable view / abstract rebuilding?

Hi Alan,

The code is in Update/View.pm, Update/Abstract.pm but I don't think there's such a setting.

Perhaps you'll need to temporarily patch these two modules.


On 27/01/14 15:19, Alan.Stiles wrote:
Can anyone point me in the direction of a setting to prevent eprints from identifying a view as being out of date (eg > 24 hours old)and needing rebuilt?  Likewise abstracts etc.

Essentially for some infrastructure maintenance we need to put the repository filesystem into a read only state for about 72 hours, so it can still serve content (and record access etc into MYSQL) but can?t update the documents, html, cfg.d folders etc.

I?ve got the cron jobs pegged so they won?t run any of the ?generate_*? jobs during the maintenance window, but I?m having trouble pinning down how eprints is determining whether a view has expired and needs to be rebuilt.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Alan Stiles
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