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[EP-tech] Re: {Disarmed} how can I disable view / abstract rebuilding?

Hi Alan,

The code is in Update/View.pm, Update/Abstract.pm but I don't think 
there's such a setting.

Perhaps you'll need to temporarily patch these two modules.


On 27/01/14 15:19, Alan.Stiles wrote:
> Hi,
> Can anyone point me in the direction of a setting to prevent eprints 
> from identifying a view as being out of date (eg > 24 hours old)and 
> needing rebuilt?  Likewise abstracts etc.
> Essentially for some infrastructure maintenance we need to put the 
> repository filesystem into a read only state for about 72 hours, so it 
> can still serve content (and record access etc into MYSQL) but can't 
> update the documents, html, cfg.d folders etc.
> I've got the cron jobs pegged so they won't run any of the 
> 'generate_*' jobs during the maintenance window, but I'm having 
> trouble pinning down how eprints is determining whether a view has 
> expired and needs to be rebuilt.
> Thanks in advance for any help.
> Alan
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