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[EP-tech] Re: Understanding how data objects link

On 15/01/14 12:02, Sebastien Francois wrote:
> On 15/01/14 12:00, Ian Stuart wrote:
>> Yes!! good hint!
>> That sent me off to look at the History dataObj - and that showed that I
>> needed:
>> 		{ name=>"datasetid", type=>"text", text_index=>0, },
> Just a detail - /datasetid/ should be of type "id" not "text"
Nope - text

In DataObj::SubObject::get_parent -

  $datasetid = $self->get_value( "datasetid" ) unless defined $datasetid;
  $objectid = $self->get_value( "objectid" ) unless defined $objectid;

  my $ds = $session->get_repository->get_dataset( $datasetid );
  my $parent = $ds->get_object( $session, $objectid );

.... and both of these calls are looking for string names

(but I'll test some more)


Ian Stuart.
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