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[EP-tech] Re: Everything is ["xxx/xxxx:xxxx" not defined]

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hi ilina

i guess, your linux maschine is working proper now
- - otherwise fix it before.

is the hostname configured (/etc/hosts)?

is apache running? (service apache2 status)
- - otherwise setup

are the EP apache files there?
- - can be created/replaced with bin/generate_apacheconf in the EP root.

hope it helps
bye stof

On 02.05.2014 07:19, ILINA SYAZWANI BINTI MUSA wrote:
> Hi,
> Yesterday, I updated some softwares for my server. After I
> restarted my server, I encountered 'kernel panic' due to the
> missing initramfs kernel file. I entered the previous kernel and I
> noticed the eprints website displayed ["xxx/xxxx:xxx" not defined"]
> for every words.
> I thought after I solved the kernel issue, my eprints would become
> okay, but it was not. Then I realized that even when I'm using the
> localhost, the texts from the system (such as 'Home', 'Browse',
> 'About', 'Login' etc..) are still 'not defined'. However, the text
> in html file is displayed as usual.
> I think it was because the broken link/ mysql or something, but I
> don't where to start. I already restarted httpd and mysql service,
> but nothing happened.
> Anyone has any idea?
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