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[EP-tech] MePrints questions.

Hi all,


So we have MePrints installed and running on a 3.3.12 system – all seems to be working except for a couple of little things.


1.)    Documentation here: http://wiki.eprints.org/w/MePrints references “User Search Page” as cgi/search_users which returns a 404.  I found something similar under cgi/meprints/search but it initially returned a blank page with no errors.    I looked at the script and found the following lines which seems to want to have $c->{search}->{user_public} defined but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere where that is set.  So I commented out the immediately following lines that checked if it was set.  Once I did that the page loaded however it is now complaining about “The requested screen does not exist, or has a fatal error: Public::MePrintsSearch”  which I cannot find any reference to.  Any hints on getting a user search to work or is it incorporated now into the Simple/Advanced search for the rest of the system?  OR am I looking at the wrong documentation?


2.)    Is there a way to have system generate all of the user profiles without the user having to login?  We are migrating from a prior version where people have come and gone (think ETDs) and we’d like generate all of the user profiles if possible so that they are populated.



Brian Gregg.


Brian D. Gregg

Solutions Architect | Manager Systems Development

University of Pittsburgh | University Library System

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