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[EP-tech] Re: load throttling strategy

thanks for all the thoughts everyone.

I?m looking into getting some throttling setup outside ePrints - since it?s just the occasional highly demanding crawler that seems to be the problem - not the normal users as far as I can tell.

If it is easy to turn off on-demand regeneration then that sounds worth exploring.

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I don't reckon the "waiting" strategy is a good idea: 1- there's no indication that server load will get better after waiting for n seconds, 2- if your thread is waiting, it can't take new connections (so clients will be pilling up).

One strategy (given RG's issues) is to disable the on-demand regeneration of such pages and only generate them offline (via generate_views). Then no problems for the clients since eprints/apache will only be serving cached pages (cached on-disk that is). And if you really must, set-up Varnish or else in front of your repo...

If a page takes 10mins to regenerate then having it generated on-demand by a client cannot be a good idea ;-)

Also out-of-interest I'd be curious to know of any stats showing that visitors actually use the browse pages (ie. how often/how much). I kinda see the point of having them for crawlers (then just have one browse view, eg per year) but for users... meh :-)


On 16.12.2014 10:11, Ian Stuart wrote:

On 16/12/14 10:05, Yuri wrote:
The best is to check the system load in the build page plugin/module, wait some seconds, and then go. Is there some documentation somewhere on Eprints strategies on views page rebuilds?

The only thing I'm aware one can do is define the number of days

view-pages are considered "valid" for, before being automatically rebuilt.


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