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[EP-tech] Re: load throttling strategy


I don't reckon the "waiting" strategy is a good idea: 1- there's no
indication that server load will get better after waiting for n seconds,
2- if your thread is waiting, it can't take new connections (so clients
will be pilling up). 

One strategy (given RG's issues) is to disable the on-demand
regeneration of such pages and only generate them offline (via
generate_views). Then no problems for the clients since eprints/apache
will only be serving cached pages (cached on-disk that is). And if you
really must, set-up Varnish or else in front of your repo... 

If a page takes 10mins to regenerate then having it generated on-demand
by a client cannot be a good idea ;-) 

Also out-of-interest I'd be curious to know of any stats showing that
visitors actually use the browse pages (ie. how often/how much). I kinda
see the point of having them for crawlers (then just have one browse
view, eg per year) but for users... meh :-) 


On 16.12.2014 10:11, Ian Stuart wrote: 

> On 16/12/14 10:05, Yuri wrote:
>> The best is to check the system load in the build page plugin/module, wait some seconds, and then go. Is there some documentation somewhere on Eprints strategies on views page rebuilds?
> The only thing I'm aware one can do is define the number of days 
> view-pages are considered "valid" for, before being automatically rebuilt.
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