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[EP-tech] OR-linked search filters?


we defined for our OAI interface the following filters:

$oai->{filters} = [

# Example: don't export any OAI records from before 2003.
         { meta_fields => [ "type" ], value=>"doctoralThesis 
doctoralThesis.habil masterThesis bachelorThesis book Periodical article 
bookPart preprint workingPaper conferenceObject lecture review patent 
Sound MovingImage CartographicMaterial report", match => "ANY" },

         { meta_fields => [ "full_text_status" ],
           value => "public none",
           match => "ANY",

In addition, we want to let through another existing type for abstracts 
but only where the subjects contain 340 or "Law" in DDC terms. Is that 
possible and how can I achieve that?


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