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[EP-tech] Conversion of images, videos into preview/thumbnail versions

Is it even possible to show image thumbnail previews of uploaded videos 
and images in EPrints 3.3.12?

I use coversheets and the youtube-dl packages from the Baza, which 
generates a thumbnail preview from PDFs or imports a screenshot from the 
video on Youtube and adds a link to the video.

But if I upload actual image files or videos, the file is depicted with 
and icon and no preview link is available.

I found some guides/plugins that promise to do this, but they all seem 
to be targeting different, older versions of EPrints, and I haven't been 
able to find recent ones.

Furthermore I would think that this was basic functionality that any 
user would want, so I don't why this functionality shouldn't be 
available "out the box".

This is the most recent document i have been able to find, but my 
"eprints_render" does not include the lines, that are mentioned in the 
guide, so I suspect is is targeting an older version.

I also looked at PreviewPlus (only for older versions) and a few other links

Maybe my setup is wrong, but "epadmin test" shows "everything seems OK", 
so any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Where should I 
look, and how should I start.

Thank you all in advance!

*Med venlig hilsen/Best regards*


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