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[EP-tech] Editable eprints behind firewall with read-only copy in the DMZ

Currently we have only one eprints server. It exists to share our research, so only employees should modify it, but since it's exposed to the world in the DMZ, the possibility exists it could be tampered with.

I'll be upgrading hardware / OS / eprints soon anyway, and I'm considering setting up a primary eprints server behind the firewall where it can't be touched by the outside world, and pushing updates or synchronizations to a secondary eprints server in the DMZ that is publicly accessible.

This way, if our eprints server gets tampered with, our "real" data is safe.

Is anybody else doing this? I'd like to hear your experience / caveats / pitfalls / advice.

Dan Stieneke
IT Specialist
3793 N 3600 E
Kimberly, ID 83341

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