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[EP-tech] Re: Announcement: EPrints Forums

Hello Pauline,

This is a bit odd - does it time-out? The alternative URL for the forum is https://discussions.zoho.com/eprints

I like your idea about keeping a log - I was thinking of adding something similar to our wiki pages. As I wrote earlier, I still have few other websites/resources to announce, where all the information (and links) can be found at one glance, including roadmaps/features election. This will be ready in the next week or two.

Kind regards,

On 13/11/13 17:40, Pauline Simpson wrote:
Forgive me Seb if this is a no brainer.  I have not been able to get through to the Forum via http://forum.eprints.org/  to check if this is already set up.

Might I also suggest that a spreadsheet (or log of some sort) is maintained of suggested new features/developments, possibly with a response column, so that we can check (
without trawling through lots of emails), before putting forward something that might already have been suggested?

thanks  Pauline

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Yes that's exactly it John.

A bit more background on the forum: I really needed a place where we can have proper discussions about upcoming features. Some features need everyone's opinions and expertise (take ACL for instance) and some follow-up. Ho by the way, everyone's welcome to the Forum. The topics should be about development "stuff" but not necessarily brought by developers.

Also, we will likely, in the future, need more forums (eg. for non-technical discussions). Will come soon when I upgrade my Zoho account (Zoho is the forum company we're using) :)


On 13/11/13 16:47, John Salter wrote:
Hi Seb – this sounds like an excellent idea.
For us ‘old hats’ on the mailing list, we should try and do things in the right places.
Does this look like a sensible segregation:
Code bugs/software solutions: GitHub
Discussion about developments/features/future dev: Forum
General help / getting started / everything else : mailing list
- I know some things will fall between two or more of these – but in general the mailing list would be the first point of call for people new to EPrints?
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Subject: [EP-tech] Announcement: EPrints Forums
Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to announce you ... the EPrints Forums (for developers)!

The EP-Tech mailing-list is a good place to seek for help to install/configure the problem and even to report bugs. But it is not an appropriate tool to have in-depth conversations about, for instance, new features for the software. So I have decided to set-up a forum where people can ask questions, bring ideas or make announcements (you will see there are different post categories).

Important note: the forum DOES NOT replace the EP-Tech mailing-list. This is a complimentary tool.

What is it for?

To discuss new features/ideas/directions for EPrints. The forum aims to discuss ideas around the development of the software only at this stage.

** To discuss installation/configuration problems, please keep on using the mailing-list **

How can I use it?

The forum is open to everybody - you don't need to sign up to post but I highly encourage to -at least- sign in with your Google/Facebook/Yahoo account to keep a trace of who's starting a conversation.

You may also vote on posts - a useful way to view popular issues/features.

Where is it?

http://forum.eprints.org/ will redirect you to the forum.

What happens next?

I will be setting-up some extra forums in the near future to allow more narrowed-down topics (e.g. a divide between short-term and long-term features).

I am also in the process of setting up some extra resources for developers:

- a centralised web-site to easily find information about the API, HowTo's, etc.
- a few pages describing the current road-maps for the short-term release (3.3.13) and the long-term release (4)

I hope this forum to complement these activities especially the election of new features for the upcoming releases.


I'm currently the only moderator. Abusive/spam/dodgy posts will be deleted without warning.

I hope you will find this useful and don't be shy to bring your ideas forward :-)


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