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[EP-tech] Re: Permissions for eprints bazaar

Ah thanks - I had apache and eprints in each other's groups, but hadn't given write permission to the group.

Seems to work now!

Thank you very much!


On 04/11/2013 10:32, John Salter wrote:
Scratch my previous reply then (you can access the Bazaar OK).
Sounds like permissions on /usr/share/eprints/lib/epm/
On our systems it's owned by eprints/eprints (and our Apache runs as EPrints).

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The exact message is this:

Error operating on
/usr/share/eprints/lib/epm/recollect/cfg/autocomplete/: Permission denied

I get the same kind of error (but obviously different filename) with
other plugins.


On 04/11/2013 07:50, Ian Stuart wrote:
On 31/10/13 10:46, Lizz Jennings wrote:

I'm new to Eprints, and I think I've installed it all right, or at least
I did until I tried to install a plugin through the admin screen and I
get a message that permission is denied.  I'm logged in as the admin
user, who has admin rights.  What have I missed?
Access to EPrints Bazaar is read-only for installing plugins, so that's
not going to be the actual problem.

I suspect its more likely to be a file-system permissions thing.... can
you give us the full message?

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