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[EP-tech] Editorial rights restrictions

Dear All,

	I have some questions about editorial rights restrictions:

- After I set a restriction on division or subject, how can I clear it? I 
cannot unselect all options after I selected one...

- A trickier one: I need to set restrictions based on creators field. I added 
creators to the user_review_scope.pl config file. When I try to access an item 
and it checks the editorial restriction, I get this error:

Unsupported attempt to search compound field on kdk.eprint.creators
  at /usr/share/eprints/perl_lib/EPrints/MetaField/Compound.pm line 570

Do you know a workaround? How can I match the creators' full name or family 
name subfield against a string? Practically, I need to check if any of the 
creators has the same name as the current user.


Andr?s Micsik, MTA SZTAKI