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[EP-tech] Controlled access to data in EPrints

*** Apologies for cross posting ***

Dear colleagues

We are looking at how to manage temporary or longer term restricted access to data within an institutional research data repository. Our starting point is that, where possible, data should be made openly available with as few restrictions as possible. However, we're aware that there are various reasons why it may not be possible - or appropriate - to share data openly.

We are piloting EPrints for research data. We need the means to create different access levels within EPrints which can then be assigned to users.

Broadly, we're looking at an access model where research data can be:

(i) Public - openly available without any registration requirement

(ii) Registered - the user is required to register to access content; this could be linked to authentication protocols such as Shibboleth. Access may be time limited.

(iii) Approved - the potential user makes a case to use the data; approval relates to specified data within the repository. Access may be time limited.

(iv) Embargoed - metadata and data held in the dark for a specific period

We are interested in whether other institutions are planning - or have put in practice - granular access to research data and what this looks like.

We would also like to feed back requirements to Southampton EPrints Services; if we can scope requirements before July, Leeds has funds to put towards development costs.

Is anyone else interested in this functionality?

Thanks for any comments

Best wishes


Rachel Proudfoot
Project Manager
RoaDMaP: Leeds Research Data Management Pilot
Tel: 0113 343 4554

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